April 2022 - Special


Times are tough but you want an affordable, yet functional as well as a neat website for your business.

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Included in this April, R500.00 - Once off Offer !!

You would love to get your own website too, but website prices are exorbitantly expensive. Look no further, SEO Business comes to your rescue !!

• Standard 3 page HTML website. (No WordPress or E-commerce website)
• NO scrollbar - Normal laptop screen size website. It means you not allowed to give me content for 10 pages that must fit into one page.

• Home / Index page - This is your introduction page to tell your visitor who you are and what you do with some pictures of you, the company or some products and-or services you offer.
• Services or Products page - This page allow you to give you clients a background of your services you offer or maybe a gallery of maximum of 10 photos.
• Contact page - The contact page consist of your company name, your name & surname, your cell phone or contact number, address, as well as links to your website and email address.

Terms And Conditions

• Hosting must be done by SEO Business @ R100.00 p/month.
- If you have a domain name, SEO Business can reply for the domain to be transferred to our host @ R200.00 once off.
- If you don't have a domain name yet, SEO Business can register the domain for you @ R200.00 once off and after 11 months a renewal fee of R200.00 p/year.
- With the hosting package, you will receive 2 email addresses that is included in the R100.00 p/m package.
• NO contracts - Your services is from month to month
However, the design will stay the property of SEO Business if you decided to leave us in the first 12 months.
• Normal laptop screen size website. - It means you not allowed to give me content for 10 pages that must fit into one page.

1) You must sign our T & C when apply for our specials and a full payment of R500.00 must be paid in full on invoice date.
2) Domain registrations or transfers as well as the first month hosting fee will be on the first invoice together with the design fee of R500.00.
3) You will receive a monthly invoice for the hosting.

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